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San Potente Agrarian farm was set up in the late '80s thanks to Mrs. Vanda Tonti who bought an ancient olive grove in the Valle Umbra.

Devoting all their time, energy and passion to the grove, the Tontis renewed it (at present you can count 2200 plants) taking great care to incorporate new agronomic techniques. San Potente Agrarian Farm is plunged into the "fertile costa" (Dante, Paradiso XI) between Assisi and Spello, on the slope of mount Subasio, which protects it from the northern winds. Its extra virgin olive oil is produced according to a tradition handed down from century to century in an uncontaminated surrounding rich in olives, cherries, walnut-trees and wheat.

The conformation of the soil, the quality of olives, mainly "moraiolo", the traditional method of cultivation, the manual picking, and the cold grinding give San Potente extra virgin olive oil a right balance between all its organoleptic properties (a strong taste-somewhat bitter, yet fruity) and also a low acidity.

During November and December you can take part in the olive picking or visit the oil mill to follow the principal steps of the processing of the olives. A great occasion to taste the new oil with a fragrant bruschetta!




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